Wake Up Call: Sweet Lord above, can this be real? Noooo!
Wednesday, June 8th 2011
See what NBC Sports has to say... Moon Boot Lilac get's some Press. There is no such thing as bad PR, right? We’ve written previously about the hipster doofus who makes a habit of showing up to Miami Heat games wearing Uggs and an inappropriate amount of man jewelry. But just when we thought that he wouldn’t have the nerve to rock the femme footwear in the playoffs, he ups the ante. Behold, the Moon Boot. Original from Italy by Tecnica — made in super lightweight materials, water-resistant and very warm! Dexter has killed for less. I’m not saying that this guy caused the Heat’s fourth-quarter collapse on Thursday, but ” oh hell, yes I am. This d*** caused the Heat to lose. H/T JE Skeets.
Point Zero 1 holds Camp in Mammoth
Monday, March 21st 2011
Want sharpen your race skills? Join Erik Schlopy, Bryon Friedman and their team in Mammoth this May. They will concentrate on the three major components of ski racing: athletic position, independent feet and movement. The Mammoth Camp is focused on Super-G, GS and Slalom with an emphasis on speed and technical elements. The speed elements will consist of Super-G and high speed GS training on Mammoth's open and variable terrain. Mammoth Camp is a performance based camp similar to our Mt. Hood and Vail Camp offerings, with an added speed element for anyone looking to improve their skiing at higher speeds and to get more familiar with reading terrain and making longer radius turns. Along with gate training our staff takes you through free skiing and drill progressions for a more technical focus on bringing your free skiing ability into the gates. why * Amazing free skiing * Limited crowds * Training next to US Ski Team * Ability to set a wide variety of courses on varied terrain and trails * Natural hot springs * Golf and cycling near by * Access to full race line and all mountain skis provided by Blizzard
Ryan Hawks, our beloved team member will be missed.
Monday, March 7th 2011
600 pack Burlington church to mourn freeskier Hawks. Hawks, a graduate of South Burlington High School and University of Vermont, died Tuesday of injuries suffered one week ago in a competition in Kirkwood, Calif. The tragedy has resonated both in the skiing world and in Vermont.
Gold and Silver for Tecnica-Blizzard in World Cup slalom!
Monday, February 28th 2011
Former two-time world champion Mario Matt from Tecnica-Blizzard team won the World Cup slalom in the Bulgarian resort of Bansko, this Sunday. This is his first win in almost two years. The Austrian, 31-year-old, was fastest in the morning's first run and staged a great performance in the second as well, setting a combined time of 1.50.35 and winning his thirteenth world cup trophy.
Cochise Wins SKI OF THE YEAR at ISPO
Wednesday, February 2nd 2011
Blizzard's Flipcore Technology gets off to a solid start... The all new Cochise from Blizzard wins SKI of the YEAR at ISPO. The Cochise boasts Flipcore Technology. The Flipcore concept originated with our Tecnica/Blizzard engineers in collaboration with the late Arne Backstrom, who was a member of the Tec Blizz Freeride Team. The Bodacious, a ski built for big terrain, was Arne’s ski of choice and adorns his signature on the tail of the ski. The Free Mountain Collection is made up of five models. The line-up includes the Bodacious (118 mm), Cochise (108 mm), Bonafide (98 mm), Bushwacker (88 mm), and Black Pearl (88 mm), the later being a women’s specific ski.

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